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Storage units have an assorted number of uses, from storing goods to acting as warehouses for personal and sellable items. But does that mean you can store anything in a storage unit?


The answer is no. You can store anything else apart from people, plants, and flammable goods.


Before you think of renting a unit from Safestore Containers, here are some things you need to know.


1) When Can I Access My Storage Unit?


You can rent any time, but you’ll have to follow our set hours to access your cargo. At our Auckland storage facility, we have created a schedule that is convenient for our clients. You can access your items throughout the week from 6 am to 8 pm. This gives you the convenience of picking your items and planning for transit in good time.


2) Who Can Access My Storage Unit?


Once you rent a unit from us, we provide exclusive access to you. This means you are the only person with the key to the storage. Anyone else who wants to access the facility will have to get permission and key from you. We will have to contact you before allowing anyone else to open your unit.


3) Can I Terminate My Contract Any Time?


It will depend on the facility that you choose, but quite a few, like Safestore Containers in Auckland, understand that things come up when least expected, which might require you to move your stuff early. In such a case, they will calculate the number of days you have used the storage and offer a refund for the remaining days.


4) Can I Sleep in a Storage Unit?


No. It’s unsafe to sleep in storage units. Being locked away in a dark and windowless container wouldn’t be a very good experience for anyone, but it’s also subject to hefty fines and arrest.


5) Is It Possible to Run My Business From the Storage Unit?


Yes and no. There are acceptable ways to use the container to run the business, while others may not be allowed. For instance, you can use the container to store your excess stock. Safestore storage units are easily accessible for safe loading and unloading.


However, we can’t allow you to use the container as an office, garage, or workshop for your business; the same goes for activities such as using the facility as a practicing studio. You can store your musical instruments but not practice your skills inside the unit. This restriction is based on health and safety purposes.

6) Do I Need to Provide Any Documents When Renting a Unit?


Yes. We require you to provide a copy of your identification document before renting a unit.


7) How Do I Go About Renting a Storage Unit?


If you need storage units Auckland has many options. However, at Safestore Containers Auckland, we provide a simplified process whenever you want to rent a container. Our agents will explain the different types and sizes of containers we have and let you choose the one that meets your needs.


If you’re looking for quality and reliable storage units in Auckland, call us on 0800360640 for assistance.