what is self storage

Find out about self storage and how it could help your home or business with flexible, fairly price space you can use for many different reasons.


Self storage is a hot topic at the moment as the UK population rises and the new homes being built are smaller and the houses already here, increase in price. Essentially, most of us are paying more for less space nowadays. This means any extra storage space for reasonable rates is really useful. It offers a solution to homeowners looking for extra space without having to upsize their homes.


So, What Is Cheap Self Storage?


Cheap storage is extra space external to your property that comes in any size from a gym locker to a football field and everything in between. It enables you to benefit from extra space without having to pay out for a bigger home. It is usually offered by either a family-run company or a large national franchise. The units can be external shipping units, or lockup’s in long corridors of units either inside or outside.


How Much Does Self Storage Cost?

Cheap storage costs depend on the unit size, the terms of your contract and the facility you have chosen. Most reasonable rates are cheaper than many people realise and are especially cheaper for business use instead of office or warehouse rentals.


How Long Is A Self Storage Contract?

Usually you can rent a storage unit for as little as a month and the contracts are renewed on a rolling monthly basis. However, each unit is different and you should check the flexibility of the contract before signing it.


Different Cheap Self Storage Uses

If you wonder how cheap storage could be useful to you, take a look at these common reasons customers use self storage:


  • As a middle ground when moving house
  • To store items during a temporary downsize
  • As wine storage
  • To store seasonal items
  • As a base for hobby items
  • For office storage
  • For stock storage and management
  • To store items during student breaks


There are many reasons self-storage is used by domestic and business customers.

Most people have some reason for utilising extra space that justifies a small extra expense every month. For some, it can make a huge difference to their quality of life by making lots of room at home, where space might be tight.


How To Get Self Storage

If you are interested in personal or business storage, the first step is to have an understanding of how much space you need. Write a rough list of items you want to store or how many rooms they fill and the unit owners can help you estimate how much space you need. Once you know how much space you need, you can visit a few different units to see how they differ. You will get a feel for the kind of thing you like, and for a place that makes you feel comfortable about securing your belongings there.


Hopefully our introductions have helped you feel like you understand self storage a little more, and most importantly, how it could benefit you. Most of us could do with a little extra space, and perhaps self storage is the perfect way for your home or business to do that.

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