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Find out how self storage is a great help for your hobbies, whatever you love to do in your spare time.

Whether you love to read, craft or you adore cultivating the perfect vintage wardrobe, hobbies are a great thing to have. Whatever your hobby is, self storage can enhance what you choose to do in your spare time. It’s affordable, flexible, local and has additional benefits – it’s everything you need to get more out of your hobbies. Still not convinced? Here are tons of ways that self storage can help you get more out of your hobbies:

Shhh It’s A Secret

Sometimes a hobby is a secret and as long as your hobby is legal and uses items that are allowed in storage, you can store whatever you want in your unit. It’s a great way to have your own little private hobby space without having to worry about a single soul finding out.

Keeping The Family Happy

Spreading out with your hobby at home might be a bit of an issue with the rest of the family. Square footage is valuable and many households can’t afford a whole room dedicated to a hobby. Your family can utilise the space they have at home and you can still enjoy your hobby, just in a secure unit local to where you live, instead of squashed into the family spare room.

Protection From Environmental Damage

The house can be a little bit of a high-risk space for environmental damage of hobby items. Human error, fire, water damage and damage from cold can be a real issue in a home compared to self storage units, which have climate control and lots of implemented controls to ensure contents stored within them stay as safe as possible.

Utilising Space At Home

If your current hobby area is in a space you need to free up quickly for the arrival of a baby, or a change to working from home (and you need a home office) you can quickly move your hobby items into affordable self storage, freeing up your space at home to use as you wish.

Starting A Hobby Without The Commitment

Affordable self storage allows you to start a hobby without any commitment to a special hobby space at home. You could hire a space big enough for a few things, like preparation space, hobby bits and pieces, and maybe some tools or other accessories, and see how you get on. If things don’t go right, you can sell the items and end your contract quickly – you’ll have lost very little and tried something new.

A Bit Of Me Time

Some people don’t just store their hobby items but actively do their hobbies in affordable self storage. It isn’t allowed in all facilities, but some places are happy for you to sit and craft in your unit or otherwise do your hobby in peace. Some facilities even have electricity points inside the units, and 24/ access, so you can literally hang out and make the most of your free time as you wish.

If getting the space that you need to enjoy your hobby is hard, maybe a self storage unit is exactly what you need to kick back and enjoy your favourite pastime.

Better Climate For Some Hobbies

Certain hobbies, like wine collecting, do best in lower temperatures, which is why a climate controlled unit is a great idea if you do need the temperature to stay very stable for your hobby items to stay in great condition.

Flexible Space For Hobbies That Change

Hobbies can require more or less space, and they can change altogether. Affordable self storage is perfect for hobbies that can have changeable needs as the units can be as small as a gym locker and as big as a football field. You can also switch to a smaller unit, or a bigger unit, really easily, not to mention speedy contract ending rules if you’re not able to keep your hobby going.

Long-Term Storage

Some people invest in collectibles like toys and memorabilia which don’t necessarily need regular access. Long-term London storage is fantastic for these items. As long as they are stored well, you’ll come back to them being exactly the same as when you left them, apart from maybe they will have a plumper price tag!

Special Storage For Sensitive Items

Some items, like books, are sensitive to dirt, debris, temperature and light. They need a cultivated environment to stay in great shape, which is why affordable self storage is a great idea. You can get the packaging, the furniture like bookshelves, the temperature – every aspect of the room right.

Extra Security For Expensive Hobbies

Some hobbies involve very expensive items that are of a high value and deserve an extra-secure environment to keep them safe. Great self storage facilities have CCTV, 24/7 reception, gating, fences and plenty more to make sure your high-value items stay safe.

Business Services For Hobbies That Pay

24% of the UK enjoy arts and crafts as a hobby, and lots of people love to make crafts to sell as a main job, or a bit of extra cash on the side. Other hobbies that make money can be collecting antiques, collecting vintage clothing and even collecting old books and selling them to collectors. Lots of storage facilities have extra services for hobbies that pay, such as taking deliveries and offering pick up and drop off options.

Why not contact your local self storage service to find out how they can help you make more of your hobby with their secure, dry, climate controlled units? It could be a great way to get more out of the pastime you love the most, in a way that has low costs and plenty of flexibility, so you can enjoy the service without having to worry about being tied in. Speak to your local self storage service today to find out more.