moving house with plants

Moving house can be complex enough as it is. Organising the affordable London self storage, removals services, cleaning, decorating – it’s a lot. It gets even more complex when you have house plants, which are tricky to pack and take care of during this process. Don’t worry, though, the following 9 tips can help you to keep your plants in great condition during this exciting time:


Water In Advance

Water your plants in advance so that if they are, for any reason, without water, they have been recently refreshed. This also helps to avoid them getting extra stress during a time when they are likely to experience stress from the move already.


Be Careful Where And How You Leave Your Plants

Be careful not to leave your plants in very cold spots, spots with direct sunlight (when they aren’t used to it) and in places where they might be liable to get pests, like in a back garden. They can get damaged very quickly when this happens, sometimes beyond repair.


Don’t Put Plants in Storage

Affordable self storage is great for moving house, but there are some items they usually don’t allow, including houseplants. Houseplants are organic and alive, and usually they cannot be kept in affordable self storage. Do check, though, as your local self storage unit may allow them.


Make Sure Items Can’t Move

When your houseplants are being moved in boxes it is important for them to be stable and unable to move around. The more they are bashed around the more likely pots are going to crack. Stuff in towels, old clothes and even kitchen roll to keep pots still and secure in moving boxes.


Secure Soil

Use cling film to secure the soil when you’re moving with houseplants, which will not only help protect the plant but also keep your other items from getting dirty.


Use Plenty Of Padding For Terrariums

Terrariums are especially prone to breakages and damage during a house move. Do take care to pad them out and move them in a way that is as minimally turbulent as possible. Too much movement and the terrarium could be a complete mess by the time it gets to your new place.



Do declutter your house plants, pots and other related items as you would everything else in the house. Why spend effort and money moving plants you don’t actually want to keep? Now is a great time to have a clearout and only have your favourites with you at your new home.


Use The Bathroom In Your New Place As A Starting Point

Bathrooms are a great place for new plants to acclimatise to a home. They are also great because you can water them all in the same place as they get over the stress of the move. Additionally, if they have caught any pests during the move you can rinse the leaves and and manage the issue easily in the bathroom.


Expect Stress Damage

When you are moving houseplants they will show stress damage in the way of wilting leaves, yellowing leaves, black leaves and other problems. It is normal for plants to do this when they are moved from the climate they are used to, so don’t worry, they will recover eventually!


Hopefully, with the above 9 tips you are ready to enjoy your new home with all your favourite houseplants, ensuring that those natural jungle vibes enhance your new place as much as they did your last.