climate controlled self storage

One of the biggest blessings of being financially secure is that it’s rarely an issue to purchase things you want and need. Say, you feel like changing the overall design of your home; you can easily hire professionals for the job. Along with that, you can buy new appliances and furniture that are more compatible with the fresh style of your house.


Of course, you will now need to find a place for the things you have replaced with new ones. Fortunately, there are self-storage solutions available everywhere.


Storage facilities offer units in various sizes and configurations. If you have possessions that are pricey or ones that are invaluable due to sentimental reasons, and they are sensitive to temperature changes, the best facilities will have climate-controlled units designed for such items. These units can be adjusted to the temperature that will effectively preserve the quality of your valuable belongings.

climate controlled self storage

So, which items among your big collection of things to stash away actually need climate-controlled storage? Moving professionals have rounded up 10 of them in a list below:


1. Appliances and electronic gadgets


These include professional cameras, television sets, and music players – especially vintage ones like a phonograph. Professional cameras in particular are very sensitive to elements, dust, movement, and of course, temperature and humidity. Therefore, they shouldn’t only be stored in their original cases or bags; they should also be placed in a room that has a stable temperature.


2. Vinyl records and VHS tapes


These things have the tendency to warp especially in hot climates. They are best stored in cool rooms to prevent “curling.” According to LP collectors, vinyl records should be stored at 45 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit and at 45% to 50% relative humidity (RH). But aside from keeping them in a climate-controlled facility, maintaining their quality also includes using inner and outer sleeves for the actual vinyl record and the cover.


As for VHS tapes (home movies of your childhood and special life events), they need to be stored where there’s not much humidity because molds and mildew can actually form on the tape.


3. Leather, skin and fur clothing


Expensive clothing with special materials like leather, skin and fur can matte and shrink (in the case of leather) when stored in a room with unstable temperature. Leather will not only lose moisture and change its shape; it will become prone to cracking as well. It’s basically the same thing with clothing made of other skins.


Fur, on the other hand, will lose its shine. And if you try to comb it, there’s a big chance of shedding.


4. Papers


Tax documents, certificates, diplomas, licenses, business contracts, deeds, and antique books are all very sensitive to heat and humidity. Paper that’s not preserved in the right temperature has the tendency to disintegrate over time (it can even crumble at the heat from a person’s hand), and ink can warp as well.


5. Artwork


Paintings and sculptures are also temperature-sensitive. To prevent the natural alteration of their quality due to temperature fluctuations, it’s best to keep them in climate-controlled storage.


6. Designer furniture


Fine pieces of furniture made from expensive leather, textiles, and high-quality wood maintain their overall quality better in a room with a stable temperature.


7. Musical instruments


When temperature fluctuates, oxidation happens on the surface of brass instruments (horns and cymbals). And with oxidation, corrosion can take place.


Meanwhile, wood instruments, as well as those that use animal hide, will sound different when they’re kept in humid places. Grand pianos, for example, have to be in a room with a fairly consistent temperature and humidity control, say registered piano technicians.


As for string instruments like a guitar, violin, cello, viola, and harp, these can be damaged by extreme temperatures and humidity. Strings can snap and adhesives holding the various elements of the instrument together can loosen.


8. Designer bags


These expensive products share materials similar to those used for high-class furniture. If you wish to retain their value, they should be stored in an ideal environment at all times.


9. Old photographs


Time and temperature can alter the appearance of old photographs. Improper storage can also cause ink to stick together and deteriorate. Don’t lose valuable memories from way back by not keeping photos in a temperature controlled room.


10. Vintage wine


Every wine collector knows that preserving the original taste of fine wine requires a consistently cool temperature. So, if you’re preserving wine for future consumption, you need to store it in a climate-controlled storage unit.


Things that are important to you, but are not in current use, need to be stored properly. That way, should the time come when you need them again, you can be sure that they will still be in excellent condition.



Lisa Jackson, General Manager at The Box Self Storage Services LLC, has ten years of experience in the self-storage industry at all levels. She has an extensive track record of delivering performance improvements at multiple sites, by developing and implementing marketing strategies, training and motivating staff, as well as the capability to develop and implement long-term strategies to secure large customers.

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