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Moving requires a lot of planning and there is a lot of work to be done. Aside from hiring a moving company and packing your belongings, you need to take care of your utilities.  Shipping a car might be easy, for example, if you’re in Dubai a professional car shipping company in Dubai will helps to ship your car, but in the case of transferring utilities that is completely different and it is not at all an easy task as well. Don’t worry; we will give some easy and amazing tips which will help you in the future.


  1. Have a plan of transferring your utilities well before you move in


Do not wait for your move out day to transfer your utilities. You may end up having no light or gas or no telephone connection for several days. You may have to pay extra cost for installation, or you have to wait for new services to turn up. So three weeks or so before your moving in date, keep transferring your utilities in the plan. If you are moving into a rented house, make sure from before only whether electricity and gas are available or not. If not, make the arrangements from beforehand only.


  1. Make a utility list which needs to be transferred or changed


In the process of moving into a new house, this step is the most logical one. So make a list of the utilities which you must have right now:


  • Water
  • Gas
  • Electricity (Power)
  • Internet
  • Landline Connection
  • TV Connection
  • Home securities
  • Waste Removal

Then include the number of the utility services beside them. Their number will be efficient, though. This utility list will make sure to cover every detail of the part of moving in. Next, you need to make a call to these services and get all the required details.


  1. Validating the utilities used


It is one essential thing to do. Making changes to the utility services or transferring them to a new place is a long, hard process. While making a list, you can validate those services. Which is a complete necessity and for which you are paying too much. One good point of moving into a new house is, you can get rid of lots of things which are completely ineffective. So get rid of those utilities, and you can save some money out of it.


  1. Be sufficiently informative about utility services


Be sufficiently informative about utility services which one needs to transfer and which one needs to change. Research the utility service providers in your new area. If you are moving within the locality, you may not have to change your provider – change your address with the new address. But if you are moving to another location, probably you are not going to get the same provider. In that case, you do not have to pay any cancellation fee. But to get a new provider, you need to give deposit money, installation fee, and cancellation fee.


  1. Keep in touch with the utility provider


Keep in touch with the utility provider and inform them about your plan. Be in touch with both: the new one and the old one. To the old provider, let them know when you are planning to move out, how you are going to get the bills and on what terms you have to pay them. And to the new provider, tell them about your moving date, what sort of connection you want, and the plans for those services and what the rates are.


  1. Outstanding Bills Or Payment


Clear all the outstanding bills or payment because it is important to stop your account or transfer it to a new address. Your account needs to show zero balance before you opt for another provider or account. So contact your current provider and get the details of any outstanding bills and pay them as soon as possible. Do not keep delaying them because any due payments will affect your credit score. Apart from that also you won’t be able to get the new connection until you have cleared your previous payment, and if you wish to receive your bill by mail or post, make sure you don’t forget to give the new address to your provider.


  1. Deposit From Utility Provider


Take back any deposit from your utility provider if you have deposited while getting your service last time. You need to be paid off the money from your provider to get a clean account so that you do not face any problem from getting the new account at your new place. Please be sure to check all these little points yet important in terms of getting utilities at the right time.


  1. Locate the providers at your new address


If you are moving within a community, I am sure they will give you a list of some local providers. Or if you are moving to a rented house, your landlord must have installed utilities before, or he or she can help you in finding it. It is not about finding only to be aware of the rates and compare them with other provider’s rates also.


  1. Utility Provider


Get in touch with new companies of the utility provider in the new area. As I mentioned before, speak to different providers, get the rates, get the plans, and compare with the rates. Try to know how good their service is, the reviews of the providers. Then choose wisely.


  1. Meter-Reading


Not to forget about the last meter-reading of your old house before you leave to avoid any unwanted billing confusion in the future. Keep the report in any safe place in case you need it later to show as proof.




The whole process of transferring or changing utility services is not that difficult, but it is surely a time-consuming task. But if you will be a little patient during the whole program, it will help you in the long term, in regards to getting the services at the right time.