Self storage price comparisonCost is always a major factor when it comes to renting a self storage unit – we all want to get the best possible value for money but with so many special offers and discounts around it can be confusing knowing which deal is actually the best.

50% off deals at the big national self storage facilities can seem very attractive (we all like a bargain) but they are not the cheapest if renting for 3 months or more because their regular rate is usually much higher than paying “full price” with a smaller or independent storage provider.

costs of self storage - price comparison tableTake a look at our price comparison table below for some of the best deals around. But remember individual storage locations can cost less or more than the prices shown here so always check with a particular facility.

And don’t forget that the features and services on offer should also be taken into account as they may actually make the cost cheaper for you. For example, a self storage company offering free collection will save you money on van hire. So, as well as comparing prices also compare self storage features before making a decision.

All prices shown are per week



10 sq ft 25-35 sq ft 150-160
sq ft
sq ft
Price Increases  £9.90  £21.60 £46.80 £82.80 Yes Fixed 1 year
Space Station n/a £50.83 £138.68 n/a Yes Fixed 6 months
Storage Mart £4.43 £22.16 £69.28 £153.80 No Not specified
Magenta £12.18 £23.54 £77.54 £175.29 No Fixed 6 months
then 30 days notice

Prices correct April 2023. These prices are the standard rates excluding any introductory discounts. Discounts vary between providers and between locations but are typically 50% off for the first 4-8 weeks.

The table below shows typical rental costs for a 35 sq ft unit for 12 weeks including discounts where they apply.


35 sq ft Unit Space Station Storage Mart Magenta
Rental Cost for 12 weeks £259.20 £609.96 £265.92 £282.48