small move

Planning to shift to a new studio apartment? Great! Sounds good! Shifting to a new space is always an exciting prospect even if it’s just a small move. New living pad, fresh vibes, and a smooth move. That sounds perfect, right?


Honestly, it’s not that easy. Even if you’re moving just a small load, you need to have a proper strategy to execute the move. For instance, you might just be moving a few pieces of furniture but, you’ll need a helping hand to get that done.


Confused? Let me show you how to do it.


Strategies to execute your move like a pro…


1) Create an inventory list


“ All I want to shift is a piano and a sofa. Then what’s the list for?”. I am sure that thought crossed your mind. Well, no matter how small the move is,  an inventory list is necessary.


You need a stock of supplies too. Tapes, moving boxes, bubble wraps, scissors, box cutters, and labels are an important part of any move. You’ll need them to ensure everything falls in place.


Just make a list and ensure you don’t miss anything.


2) Plan ahead of time


No matter where you want to move, timing is an important aspect of it. Ideally, everyone wants a quick move. Well,  a small move doesn’t necessarily mean it will be a local move. You might want to shift to a different state. Now, that calls for some preparation.


You need to take a lot of factors into consideration. These include the distance, weather, and timing. All these aspects amalgamate to dictate the price and comfort of your move.


Hire a moving company in advance. Also, inform them about the distance and weight of the shipment. The movers will provide you with a quote and you can plan your move accordingly. Ideally, you should select a time slot favorable for the move. Morning is the best timeless traffic and a quicker move.


3) Hire experienced and certified movers


The weight of shipment might be less but you’ll need a helping hand to execute your move with ease. For that, you need to hire experienced and certified movers who are American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) certifies movers. Keep an eye on this certification when you’re hiring a mover.


The certification or license serves as a token of authenticity that a particular mover can be trusted. Also, if you’re not sure about selecting the right mover, you can take help from the reviews and ratings. They can help you in selecting the right company for your small move.


4) Start packing on your own


If you’re planning to move in a budget, you can use your own supplies and pack your valuables. Most movers include all factors to decide the price of your move. The packing material, distance, and weight of your shipment essentially dictates the price of your move.


Use spare boxes and newspapers to pack your items. Also, you can use blankets or bubble wrap to provide some cushioning to your packed stock. So, when you pack on your own, the movers can directly load and prepare you for transit.


5) Keep your options open


While moving, it’s not necessary to pin your search on a single mover. Ideally, you should select 2-3 options and compare them to various factors. Request quotes from each one of them and see which one matches your needs.


Some movers also offer lucrative deals and insurance. So, if a particular mover provides that, it’s a green signal to proceed further. Also, don’t just take help from reviews. Take some references from your friends or family members too. They might link you with a prospective mover directly and make your job easier.


So, whether it’s a small move or a big move, it needs a proper strategy. With the right approach, you can shift to your new pad with minimum hassles and maximum comfort.


The fact that you’re equipped with the basics above, I hope it’s not that hard now!


Author Bio

Tim Howard has been an active part of the moving industry for the past 10 years. He holds immense expertise in subtle aspects of moving and has worked with some top movers in Manhattan NYC. His depth of experience allows him to write informative content and share valuable tips for moving through blogs and articles. Apart from that, he holds an ardent interest in traveling and enjoys a healthy social media presence.