self storage blog round-up

We can all benefit from the advice that you can find on self-storage blogs, even if you don’t need a self-storage unit. The best blogs abound with tips about moving house, decluttering and making the most of the storage you already have.

Here’s our July round-up of the most useful blog posts…


The 10 Commandments of House Organisation (from Kelly’s Storage)

When it comes to organising your home you need to lay down some ground rules.

Print these commandments and pin up somewhere for all to see, to make sure everyone follows them and keeps everything organised forever more (hey, you can dream).

  1. De-clutter once a month
  2. Put things back in their intended place
  3. Honour the laundry basket
  4. Think before you buy
  5. Be honest about sentimental items
  6. Spend 15 minutes a day tidying
  7. Take responsibility for a space
  8. Categorise all the clutter in your home
  9. Ditch the duplicates
  10. Work out where clutter accumulates


The best moving house hacks (from

It’s well known that moving house is stressful but we often bring that stress upon ourselves when it is within our control to make moving a less stressful event. With careful planning and a well-organised process you could find that moving house is easy – you might just even enjoy it. Take a look at our favourite moving house hacks and you might just agree with us.


  1. Bag up the contents of your wardrobe – take a clutch of hangers out of the wardrobe and cover with an upturned bin bag
  2. Take a photo of the back of your TV, Computer, Games Console etc. so you know where all the leads go to reconnect everything
  3. Pack an essentials bag including clothes, toiletries and food.
  4. Prepare your new bedroom first as you will need a good night’s sleep after your busy day
  5. Make unpacking easy by labelling everything and making sure everything is placed in the right room
  6. Order a takeaway and crack open a bottle of something bubbly.


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