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If you’ve been trying to follow some of the advice given in our July round-up of the best advice from some of the best self-storage blogs then here are some more tips to help you be ore organized…

Here’s our August round-up of the most useful blog posts…


Get More Organised and Reduce The Stress In Your Life (from

Juggling work, family and home commitments can result in very dis-organised homes and lives that can become stressful as a result. But taking the time to get more organised can reduce the stress of busy modern living.

If the home environment is crammed full of belongings that are no longer used on a regular basis then why are many of us so reluctant to organise this clutter that makes it difficult to find the things we do need regularly. The lucky few may have vast storage cupboards or choose to live in a minimalist home but the majority of us tend to just keep accumulating stuff until our homes are overflowing with items we often don’t even remember that we own.

Typically, there is no single cause of stress (and some are not easy to solve) but a simple way to reduce the stress that is within your control is to make your home more organised.



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