Small businesses can benefit greatly from self storage. Here we look at all the benefits self storage can bring to a small business.


Self storage is not just for people who are downsizing, or who just need additional space at this time. Self storage is something that is becoming more and more popular with owners of small businesses who are using this fantastic service to help expand their operations or just make them easier.


One of the best small business tips if you need additional storage space to store office items or stock (maybe you are based online and you cannot afford an actual office space) is to consider cheap self storage in order to aid the growth of your startup. Here’s how it could help you:


Breathing Space

Small businesses usually expand (if everything is going right) which means that your spare room might be overflowing, your garage might be cluttered, or even your small office rental is literally covered in paperwork with nowhere to store it, then cheap self storage might be a good solution for you. Whether you run a service business such as an seo consultancy or a physical business with stock putting your stock, paperwork, office equipment and any other physical business items into storage will give you the breathing space to actually do business.


No Growing Pains

Self storage will help your business grow, enabling you to do so at a comfortable speed for your business, without any external pressures. As a small business owner you are at risk of growing pains, paying for expansion in the form of warehouse contracts or office contracts that tie you in for long periods of time, often for substantial amounts of money. Self storage takes away this particular type of growing pain risk, by enabling you to enjoy flexibility, where you can pay for the space you need as and when you need it, without any long term financial obligation.


A Professional Appearance

When you’re a small business, particularly a startup, it can be hard to maintain a professional front to potential clients and customers, when you are operating from a tiny office, or even from home. Storing any additional items in self storage that you need for your business is really important as it ensures any working space you do have, can be ‘presented’ well to those that matter.


Money Saving

Cheap self storage is exactly as it sounds – cheap. When is saving money a bad thing for a small business? Never. Gaining inexpensive addition of space for your business is a great thing and enables you to use those precious pennies elsewhere.


Time Saving

Some self storage units will take deliveries for you, which means you could save a lot of time having to wait for a delivery, enabling you to be somewhere else growing your business.



Your items will be more secure in self storage than in your home or in an office. Why? Because at home you are unlikely to have high fences surrounding the property, extensive CCTV, various lock and entry points, 24 hour security and security guards. Self storage is all about secure storage and every self storage facility worth their salt invests in extensive security systems in order to keep your items safe. You can also enjoy extra security with climate and pest control.





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