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If you own a classic vehicle that is either vintage or something related to it, then you want to ensure that you get the right storage option for it. In addition, the problem that sits with the car storage, if not done properly would lead to many maintenance issues and reduce the lifespan of your vehicle. Proper storage is not only required from the point of view of external damage due to vandalism, theft, and related risks, but it also tends to be a problem, in case, there is weather damage or similar issues too. Therefore, here are some vital factors to consider-


Get the right cover

Even though, you are going to place your car in a car storage option like a garage or other similar places, it is vital that you get the right cover for your car. Remember that the car cover not only doubles, as a protection shield against moisture, friction, and related areas, but it means that you are minimizing other kinds of damage risks. It also means that the lesser your car is available to the naked eye, the better it is because vintage or classic pieces are often very expensive. A cover is also important for sports cars or convertibles. Thus, ensuring your cars have protection.


What kind of storage

The next question that should cross the mind of the car-owner looking for car storage is whether they should go for long-term storage or short-term solutions. For example, if you are leaving the country for a while say for a few years then you need long-term solutions like parking the car in an enclosed garage or similar space. If you are renting out your home, then you can choose to lock the garage, especially if you have two then you may consider parking or storing your car here.

The other option is hiring a garage, which makes sense for car storage. However, it is important to keep in mind that you should not leave your car just at any garage. Find out about the kind of storage options available and the safety aspects. In this reference, many people tend to be gone for many years and not starting your car during this phase is a problem. Hence, you may consider asking a friend to check on it or run it occasionally.

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Make sure to do an inspection

Before and after inspection of the vehicle is of utmost importance, especially with classic pieces. Remember that before you hand over the keys for your car storage do get a certification and check from the local mechanic or even ask the garage owner to do the same. This clearance is essential and when you are taking back the car, repeat this same process. This way will give you assurance that there is no damage to your vehicle and if something does happen then you are under insurance cover.

These are just a few of the factors that one must consider when they are looking for car storage options. Else, there is a high chance that your vehicle might suffer damage due to the poor storage. Do check the garage too to ensure that your car is not stuffed into a mere container and put away. If the option is available, ask someone to check on it for longer-term getaways. This would minimize the risks of damage and ensure that your classic vehicle is inspected on a regular basis. Else, the engines or other major parts, which are older, could have trouble later.