moving home tips

Moving house is stressful, but it can be a lot easier with these few simple moving home tips. Keep calm, focus on the task in hand and you’ll be a moving guru in no time!


When you’re moving home, things can get rather stressful. There’s so much to think about, so much to do – when it’s all over you will wonder how it was humanly possible to get through it without losing your mind just a little bit! Luckily, there are plenty of ways to curb the stress, and these tips are just a few of them:


Get Your Moving Date Set

If you’ve got a few days to choose from when it comes to moving – get a date set so you can get important things booked in and you know when you’re working towards. Get your self storage contract set up, your removals company booked, childcare sorted and paperwork arranged for that date.


Sort Work Out

Ensure you book at least a couple of days off work for moving and let work know you are moving home, so they know in advance if you need to leave work early for a solicitors meeting or to sort out last minute issues with the contracts.


Become The Queen Of Lists

It is important you become very friendly with lists – they will be really helpful to you as long as you stay loyal to them. Choose an app or notepad to write your lists in and keep those lists with you at all times. You’ll have lists to do with costings, lists to do with packing, supplies to buy, dates related to the move, things to book – write as many sublists as you need to and make sure every task completed is ticked off – you will feel like you’re getting somewhere.




Use Self Storage

Use cheap self storage to your advantage and move larger pieces like bikes, garden furniture, gym equipment and hobby equipment before your moving date, especially if you are doing the move yourself. That means you can spend moving day ensuring everything essential gets moved across properly and means you can render certain spaces ‘cleared’ like the shed or garage well in advance of moving date.


Pack Every Day

Too many people leave packing until the last minute and then wonder why items get lost, forgotten, or broken during a move. Aim to pack every day, even if it’s just an hour after work packing away one cupboard. This will save you throwing items into bags haphazardly a few hours before the removals van is due.



When you’re packing, it can be easy to simply push on without really labelling anything properly. This can be a disaster if you lose something and need to find it, or if the removals company want to know which boxes can be stacked on top of each other. It’s also a really bad idea if some items are going into self storage london as you’ll have a self storage unit full of stacked boxes and may end up tearing the whole unit apart trying to find an item you need. Label well and don’t be afraid of being too precise – you will thank yourself later.



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