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You can go to YouTube and find out how to do almost anything. If your key fob doesn’t unlock your car anymore, or if your tree is prematurely dropping leaves, you can find a video that will instruct you how to solve the problem. In today’s DIY world, there are also plenty of places to find advice about moving from one place to another without using professional help.

Whether you’re moving from London to the U.S., perhaps an affordable city like Houston, Texas; or just down the road into a new flat in your favorite area of town, this is one case, however, where we would advise you to get professional help for the following reasons.

“It Ain’t Goin’ Anywhere”

Those famous last words have been spoken by many amateur movers. Packing a trailer, a truck, a van, or even a car takes mechanical and organizational skills. If you want to throw your mattress on the top of your KIA Soul, attach it with the old bungie cord you found in your closet, and drive 90 miles on the highway with your hand holding the mattress down while it flaps in the wind, more power to you! When that mattress flies off onto the windshield of the car behind you, make sure you have your Farmers Insurance card ready, because you are going to need it.

Cubes are great ways to move. A container gets dropped on your driveway, you fill it with stuff, and it is then transported to your new location. No one opens the container except you, but the opening experience can get very interesting if your stuff wasn’t packed properly and falls out in a mangled mess as soon as you open the door.

Using pro movers will avoid the mattress/car issues and ensure that your stuff will be packed properly.

“This Will Be Easy”

No, it won’t. Moving is serious business. Especially when you’re halfway up the basement steps trying to drag the washer to the back door while your wife is below trying to push it up, and suddenly, the metal rim at the bottom of the washer starts to dig into your hand. Now you have a decision to make—let it go and hope your wife gets out of the way, or quickly remember where the closest ER is so that you can get stitches to close the gash in your hand.

Professional movers have experience and tools to get things done safely.

“I’ll Have This Done in Four Hours”

Unless you have a lot of moving experience, there’s no way you can correctly estimate how long a single move is going to take. We all have friends that have enlisted laborers to help them for a short period; unfortunately, you watched as the work took longer, and your friends spent the next three days making countless trips back and forth to finish the move.

Pro movers have the experience to calculate how long it’s going to take to move your stuff.

“I’m Careful”

You might be a good driver, but when you are frustrated that the fridge won’t fit through the door because it’s only a quarter inch too big, and you ram it through and break the door frame, you’ll realize too late that it takes more than being careful to have a successful move.

Pro movers would have measured the fridge and removed the offending door before attempting to make the move.

If you have the right tools, DIY may work great for yard work, painting, and even installing bathroom faucets, but when it comes to moving heavy items and properly packing them, spend a little money, get a pro, and watch how smoothly your moving project can accomplished.