long distance relocation checklist

If you are planning a long distance relocation, chances are you realize there is a lot of preparation ahead!  But this simple guide should help you through your move.


Read through these 10 simple tips below to help your relocation go as smoothly as possible.


10 Tips To Make Your Move Stress-Free


Make A List

You can begin the move process by making a list of all of the tasks associated with your move.  You can also create a timeline so that you know what to do and when.


Making a list of things that need to be done is a great way to get started.  Many people overlook this step but it will certainly make your move a little easier.


Change Your Address

Although this doesn’t have to be done months in advance, you can alert people of your address change well in advance.  As far as changing your address officially, you can visit your local post office and fill out a change of address application.


Go Through Belongings

You should go through your belongings well before your move.  Set aside the items you want to get rid of and what you want to keep.  This will help keep your move easy and organized.


Label Boxes

Label boxes by room.  This will simplify your relocation in a massive way.  By labeling boxes you can unpack your belongings and know exactly where they belong.  Now doesn’t that sound great?


Donate Belongings

Donate belongings you don’t want to throw away.  This is a great way to do something charitable during your move.  It’s also important to get rid of as much as possible prior to loading things on the moving van.  As you know, the more you have the more your move will likely cost.


Rent A Dumpster

Another excellent way to prepare for a move is to rent a dumpster.  Doing so, you’ll be able to get rid of larger items that you can’t donate and any other trash you won’t be bringing on the move.


Get A Few Quotes

Get quotes from more than one moving company.  You should do this so that you can get the best price possible for your move.


Also, you can talk to someone on the phone and get a feel for the way they do business.  You can ask all the questions you need and make a decision based on your interaction.


Read Reviews

By reading reviews you’ll be able to tell if the moving company has had any major problems or not.  Focus especially on the negative reviews you read.  Ask yourself if what you’re reading is a deal breaker.


Tell Your Kids

Telling your children is a very important part of your move.  You will want to alert them in a way that isn’t too upsetting or distressing to them.


Leaving the home they know and love can be a traumatic experience.  You will want to explain that even though they are leaving their home, they will still stay in contact with the people they know.


Telling your children about the move in a gentle way can certainly make your move much easier.


Have A Going Away Party

Now that you’re ready for your move, have a going away party.  This is a great way to say goodbye to your friends and find closure with your move.



We hope this article on ten simple tips for your long distance relocation has helped.  We wish you luck on your journey to your new home and hope your house move is easy and stress-free!