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The weather is warming up for fishing season, but are you prepared? Here are some easy tips on how to prepare and store fishing supplies.

As the weather warms up (or so we like to think) conditions are starting to become more favourable in terms of a spot of fishing in the sunshine. You can dust off your rods and start to plan for the fantastic fishing season you are going to have this year. With so many phenomenal spots for fishing in the UK (or overseas if you are so lucky!) it makes sense that you should be starting to get that little bit excited. But as with everything great, preparation is key. So before you start heading to the tack shop right away, we have some great tips to help you start this year’s fishing season with a bang.

Make Sure You Have All The Basics

When you go back to your cheap self storage unit to collect your gear after winter is over, it makes sense to check that you still have all the basics. Perhaps you threw away old or damaged items last year and need to replace some – winter is a long time, you’d be forgiven for forgetting the need to do this. Check you have:

  • Your trusty fishing pole
  • Plenty of extra line
  • Plenty of extra hooks
  • A decent set of pliers – check they haven’t gone rusty if stored wet
  • A line cutter
  • Sinkers
  • Bobbers
  • Torch
  • Camping chair


Check all of these items are still in tact and make a list of what new items you need to buy so you’re set up for the new season.

New Stock

What you may realise when you check your cheap self storage unit for your current stock, is that it might not be in line with your new fishing plans for this year. You may want to start catching a new type of fish, and that means you will need some new tools. Consider the type of fish you want to be catching, where you can catch them, what those fish like to eat, when they typically eat, what other fishermen suggest you do to catch them. This will help you plan where you should go, what bait to get and what new tools you need to invest in to approach this particular area of fishing.

Tackle Your Tackle Box

Whilst you are in your self storage unit sorting out your items, you may as well tackle your tackle box. This is the most likely to be messy, and if you didn’t tidy it before putting it in storage last year we hate to tell you that it will still be as messy as it was before! Make sure you put aside the time to do this job properly so you can do a great job and won’t have to come back to it again. Try to be super organised with the most used items near the top, the least used items near the bottom. Consider giving the entire box a good wipe and clean when you sort it out so any dust or debris that may have collected on it while it was in storage can be removed. It may also be worth considering if you need a new tackle box at this stage. Perhaps you changed your approach to fishing and you need a bigger or smaller box. Perhaps you want a snazzier box than your current one, or perhaps the one you have is fine – whatever the case, now is the time to think about it so if you do invest in a new one you can get the most enjoyment out of it throughout the whole season. Now is also a great time to have a clearout of your box getting rid of anything broken, unsuitable, or old.

Boat/ Water Vessel

It may be the case that you have a boat or water vessel stored in self storage. Perhaps you like to canoe your way to your favourite fishing spot, or you have your very own fishing boat. Whatever the case may be, hopefully you had it safely stored in a climate controlled self storage facility over winter so it stayed secure and protected from the elements.

Before the fishing season begins it is important you take the time to check your boat to see if it is still fit for purpose. If you are able to maintain it yourself, do it nice and early in case anything has deteriorated over winter. If you need to take it to a yard or specialist for its annual checkover, make sure you get this arranged nice and early so again, if there are any surprises, you can get them fixed in plenty of time for the season.

Don’t Have Enough Storage?

If you are a keen fisherman and find you are struggling to store all your tack, it might be a good idea to look into some cheap self storage. It is safer than storing it at home because it means no animals or children will be able to accidently go near it. It is also safer because the facility will have excellent security systems in place. It will save you space in your garage or shed to utilise for other purposes. You will also be able to store all of your other seasonal items with it if you want to. It is a great idea and definitely worthwhile if you are finding your collection of tools is getting out of hand! Self storage is also a great option if you have a boat or you’re thinking of investing in one. Storage facilities range from locker size, to the size of a football pitch so there’s no boat too big (unless you’re buying Noah’s Ark, in which case that might be a struggle!). This is a great option for someone looking to invest in a large leisure vessel, who doesn’t have the space at home to store it.


Happy Fishing!

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