storing classic cars

Many people love keeping classic cars as a hobby. This article discusses maintaining them and keeping the vehicles in the best condition whilst they are stored for a period of time.

As the weather warms up, the weekends become the time to enjoy trips in your classic car. Winding country roads, the chug of the vehicle, the soft leather seats, the British countryside – it really is a lovely thing to do, and a lovely hobby to have. Those who own a classic car understand that these special vehicles need care and maintenance to ensure they run well and look beautiful. You may think you can simply pop the vehicle in self storage, or in the garage over winter as it is with no problems. However, if you have ever done that it is likely you will already know it is not a good idea. The car will need properly preparing for storage, maintenance whilst in storage, and a thorough spring sort out following winter.

Here are our top tips to help you when storing classic cars long-term:

Get Used To Continual Maintenance

When your car is out of storage it is likely you keep maintaining it to keep it running. It is important you check your car in storage regularly to ensure no rust is forming and it is remaining in good condition. You might not be using it every week but that doesn’t mean it can be ignored. When it comes out of storage be sure to complete all necessary maintenance checks such as; checking the battery, checking the tyres, ensure the brakes are working, flushing the fuel lines, draining the tank, checking the fluid and colour of the fluid, changing the oil and filter.

Store In A Climate Controlled Unit

When you choose storage, we recommend using climate controlled storage. This ensures your vehicle won’t be subject to any fluctuations in temperature, and it won’t be damaged by extreme temperatures. Of course you’ll want a good deal in terms of cost for a storage unit but you’ll also need the right service. Check out this excellent price comparison table for a range of options.

Protect Your Vehicle

Whether your car is worth a few hundred pounds, or thousands of pounds, you still need to protect it in order to keep it in good condition. Make sure you have good quality insurance, are using a good garage for services and MOT’s, and you are using a self storage unit with the best possible facilities. All of these components are part of your all round vehicle protection.

Before Placing Your Car Into Storage

When you place your car into long-term storage you should make sure you prepare it properly.

  • Keep a bit of fuel in the tank
  • Wash the outside and wax it (if necessary)
  • Add a stabiliser to stop the fuel breaking down
  • Change the oil filter
  • Top fluids
  • Pull oil and replace spark plugs
  • Remove the battery



Regular maintenance of your vehicle will pay off long-term. Use the best products, always check the vehicle and perform essential DIY, use the best self storage facility you can find, and follow specialist advice. It’s worth the effort for this wonderful hobby.

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