self storage for small businesses

Owning a business is both an exciting and terrifying endeavour. A whole new world is opened up to you, and a number of hurdles along with it. Owning a small business can mean working from your home, or a small office either in or away from your residence. Of course, if you own a business where you are selling physical items, then it can take a lot of space up, and sometimes even overwhelm your little office. You need a space that is clear and has all of your vital materials in an easy to access location. A self storage unit can provide the perfect storage for small businesses whether you run a catering business, and accounting form or an seo consultancy, and can really help to resolve all of your storage needs. 

Stock Storage 

If you have a cluttered office and have lost the ability to move freely, then it might be time to consider investing in a storage unit for your products. You can usually find one quite close to your home and at a reasonable price with plenty of space. Plus, you know the unit is secure and has CCTV so that your stock remains protected when you are away from it. 


When you are ready to ship an item, all it takes is a quick trip to the unit so that you can collect it (or you can keep a small selection at home and the bulk of it at the unit). Either way, having your stock in a unit can be a great space saver, leaving your office feeling spacious so that you can concentrate better. After all, a messy space often creates a messy thought process. And remember that self-storage is much more cost-effective than additional office space – just check out the prices on this excellent self-storage price comparison table for an idea of how much different sized units could cost you.

Office Facilities 

Not everyone is comfortable with the concept of a storage unit with their stock so far away from their place of work. This is where the genius of the office at the unit comes in handy according to small busness experts More and more storage units have started renting out office space on the top floors for small business owners. 

It gives them a place to work during the day with their own access, and also allows them to be close to their stock. It makes the picking and packing process so much easier and also saves a lot of time driving back and forth. Office rental prices are usually incredibly reasonable, especially considering how expensive it can be to rent out an office normally. 

Business Address 

Many small business owners who work from home do not want to use their home address as their business one. This can make a lot of things difficult, especially when it comes to setting up a business page on social media platforms such as Facebook and Google Plus. 

Even generally listing your business on Google requires an address – and none of these platforms accept PO box addresses. However, storage units have a simple and easy solution. Usually, when you rent an office from them it will come with a snazzy new business address that you can use freely. So through this, you can finally have the professional pages you want and need. 

Usually, you can have a mail service as well as the office. You can receive orders from suppliers and packages from customers straight to the unit for your collection. This way, all of your packages are sent to a professional address. Even if you do not select to have an office, you can often choose to have a post box and address with them separately. This way you can still receive to a professional address, you just have to drive from home to collect the packages instead. An office address can really help make you and your business look a lot more professional and trustworthy. 

Trade Stands 

Quite a few small business owners operate trade stands throughout the year at various shows across the country. This is often a lot of work and the stand equipment (shelves, marquee, flooring etc.) can take up a great deal of space in an office, or even the garden shed. Many people also have to take their stands apart in order to store it at home, which can be a real pain when it comes to setting up at the show. 

By purchasing a storage unit, you have the freedom to store your whole stand, completely assembled, without any hassle. This can be really handy when it comes to loading up the van, transporting, and setting the stand up. A lot of time and energy can be saved by doing this. Many units offer 24/7 access as well, so you can collect your stand or stock at any time of day and any day of the week without any trouble. 

This is ideal for those who need to pack up and leave in the early hours of the morning or late the night before in order to get to their destination. Most of the staff at units are incredibly helpful as well, so if you need assistance with loading your van, they are usually more than happy to lend you a hand and assist you in getting it packed up.

If you are a business owner who spends a lot of time at trade shows and fairs, then this may just be the best option for you in terms of storage and ease of access. Things are made even easier if you keep the bulk of your stock in the unit with your stand. That way it is all close together and ready for you to load up. 

To Conclude

Being a small business owner can be tough, but there are plenty of things out there to help make things easier. One of those is a storage unit for your stock or trade stand. It’s easy to access, safe and secure, and it also means that your office is less cluttered. You can even rent an office in the same location as your unit. Things have never been easier, or generally more affordable. 

The best way to find the right unit for you and your business is to use our fantastic comparison system. It is quick and easy to use, especially as we are determined to find the best possible storage unit deal for you. No matter what you are looking for, we are here to find the best price for you.

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