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When it comes to storage we all have different needs. From small spaces to large ones, a unit really depends on what it is we need to put away. Many people like to keep their excess clutter in a unit, or use it as a loft away from home. For those that own small businesses, it can be an absolute lifesaver for those whose offices are starting to get cluttered. Even those moving house may need a storage unit, if only temporarily, to make the process easier and get some of their possessions out of the way for moving day. There are so many reasons people need to use storage units, and that is why it is vital that you seriously compare several of them. At Go Compare Storage, we ensure that it’s not just the price that is compared, but the features that come with the unit itself. Here are some tips for finding the best storage unit for you.


What do you need it for?

The first thing you need to determine is what you need the unit for. After all, this helps you to figure out how much space you need and how long you will need it for. If you are moving house, for example, you will probably only need the unit for around a month, whereas if you own a business it is more likely to span across several years. So that you don’t end up wasting your money, take some time to think about the kind of unit you need.


The weekly costs

One of the big things with renting a storage unit are the weekly costs that are incurred as a result. It can put people off because the numbers seem so big, but with price comparison from us, you are sure to find the cheapest and most comfortable price for you. For a unit that is 10 square feet, you can end up paying prices as low as £6.50 a week, which is a fantastic bargain for a decent amount of space.

Many storage unit companies will offer introductory discounts as well, sometimes as big as 50% off. These can seem appealing, if not a little too good to be true. Often they are, as they become more expensive over the months than going for regular rates from a company that is not offering deals. Make sure you do your research into prices first, as many companies can lure customers in with seemingly cheap prices and then raise them back up after the allotted time, leaving you shocked by the price increase and with nothing you can do about it.

Of course, sometimes these offers are fantastic and can work really well. It is all about researching things a little more. Never be afraid to ask for a further discount on the phone either. Even if you go for a unit that is displaying full price, be bold and ask for a discount. You would be surprised how far it can take you on the road to lowering the total price either temporarily or permanently.


Watching fixed prices

When you compare storage unit prices, make sure you take a close look at the fixed prices that each company offers. Some will ensure that prices remain the same for five years or so, but others have laxer rules. There are companies that don’t have to tell you about changes to the weekly price you pay until as little as twenty days before. Some even bump the price up after the first four weeks. This is a very short amount of time, especially if you enter a contracted deal or you don’t have enough time to get everything from one unit to another. It is better, and more secure for you, if you find a company that offers at least a year of fixed prices. This way, you know you won’t be subject to any sudden price increases so really will be getting the best storage unit deal.


All the trimmings

There is more to renting a unit than the overall cost and the fixed price. There is a load of extra features you should be looking into before you purchase a unit. After all, there could be some great additional features that you might end up missing out on due to a lack of thorough research. Make sure you consider a few of the following:

  • CCTV and additional security. Does the unit have CCTV operating and what kind of security measures are in place? Do you have a unique card or code to gain entry to the building? Are there security guards on premises during the day and night?
  • Opening hours. Is it a 24/7 storage unit or are there specific opening hours? Do these meet your individual needs?
  • Van rental and collection. Do you get a discount on van rental if you need it? Is collection free with the unit and, if not, how much does it cost? Is this service always available to you?
  • The volume. It isn’t just the square feet that matter, but the actual height and volume that matter. Is it going to be enough for you in terms of these measurements?
  • Climate Control. If you are storing art, antiques or other fragile items, or paper documentation, then climate controlled storage units are probably essential to protect those items long-term.


The small print

Always make sure you read the small print before you sign your agreement for your unit. You need to look for fixed prices and a minimum rental period. You need to make sure you know what you are agreeing to and that you are happy to do so. Neglecting to read the fine print can land you in a lot of trouble if you find yourself needing to leave or another form of trouble. It’s better to be safe than sorry.


To conclude

There are many factors that you need to take into consideration when it comes to comparing storage units and finding the best storage unit for you. We have a great selection of units available for comparison that offer fantastic bonuses, as well as limited time discounts. Just remember to always check for the extra features and to read the small print very carefully before you go to purchase your unit. If you follow these tips, you will find a great deal and unit in no time at all.

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25 thoughts on “Finding the Best Storage Unit

  1. Recently my wife and I moved into a new home and we have a lot of stuff that doesn’t fit in our house. You mentioned that many storage unit companies will offer introductory discounts as well, sometimes as big as 50% off. I didn’t realize these discounts were offered. Do they offer any other specific discounts? It seems that this could be beneficial for us.

  2. Making sure to read all of the fine print, as well as checking absolutely every cost and charge, is very smart. That way, you don’t get the unit and then realize that there are a bunch of little costs. By reading the fine print, you can make sure everything is to your liking before you commit!

  3. I agree that you need to consider what you need a storage unit fro before you choose it. I would imagine that finding somewhere that will fit your belongings would be really important. This would allow you to find somewhere that will properly preserve all of your belongings.

  4. I like the bulleted list you included in the section about extra features a storage facility could have. I’ve never thought to ask about what security features the place has, and I definitely didn’t know to ask about CCTV systems. Another thing I would add to that list is climate control — if you are storing antique items or important documents, you’ll want a unit that has a controlled climate that is not extreme.

    1. Yes Raisa that’s a good point about climate control for antiques and other fragile items so I have updated the post to include that in the bullet list. Thanks for stopping by and commenting…


  5. I’m glad you mentioned that the first thing to do is to determine what you plan on using your storage unit primarily for. This will not only help you gauge it’s size, but also the location you need it in. Depending on what you store, you may need to stop by the unit periodically to pick up things for your home. It helps to have it in a convenient spot for those pick ups.

  6. My husband and I are moving so we need to get a unit to store things in in the meantime. I appreciate your tip on knowing what you need it for so you can better determine the size it needs to be. It’s going to be a temporary thing so I don’t think we will need a huge unit, but I’ll be sure to remember this when we are looking for one.

  7. I totally agree with you in that it is important to make sure you assess your situation and decide what you need a storage unit for in order to determine the size you need. It makes sense that doing this can help you find a storage unit that has all the features and temperature control you need to keep your items safe. Personally, I would want to make sure I take my time doing some research in order to choose a storage company I can trust and that have the best security systems in the area.

  8. I didn’t realize how important it is to choose a storage unit that has hours that fit your needs to ensure you have access to your belongings. My sister is moving in with her boyfriend soon. Hopefully, she can use this info to find a place where she can keep her unneeded dresser for a while.

  9. I like that you mentioned paying attention to the volume of the unit and not just square feet. I have a specific amount of belongings in my garage that need to be put in storage this summer. I don’t want to get a unit that can’t fit what I need in it.

  10. My wife and I have thought about using a self storage facility to be able to hold some of our holiday decorations during the off seasons. I’m glad that you talked about watching fixed prices for storage facilities, and seeing how long the prices will stay the same. We’re going to have to look into some long term storage facility contracts and see what kind of deal we can get ourselves!

  11. Thank you for letting me know that I should find a storage facility that offers at least a year of fixed prices. My sister is looking to rent a storage unit since her and her husband moved to a smaller apartment. I’ll have to make sure she finds a company that hopefully has fixed prices for 5 years.

  12. Thanks for your comment about making sure you know how much time you are going to need a storage unit for. I didn’t know that putting away your belongings in a unit can help declutter your home. My in-laws are considering looking into storage units to store their winter skis and snowboards during the summer since they won’t be using them.

  13. I agree with you in that taking the time to figure out what you need a storage unit for can help you figure out how much space you need and for how long. It is important to remember that taking the time to understand how to rent the best unit for your needs can help keep your items safe and away from pests or the elements. Personally, I would want to make sure I take the time to compare several providers and make sure I choose the one that has the best reviews and ratings in my area.

  14. My wife and I are in the middle of moving and are thinking about using a storage unit to hold our extra stuff during it. I like that you suggest finding a storage unit facility that has security measures in place like cameras. We have a few valuable heirlooms we are planning on putting in storage so this sounds like excellent advice. Thanks for sharing!

  15. It’s good to know that when it comes to looking for a storage unit that one thing we might want to consider looking for is one that is open 24/7. This would be very helpful for us so that we are able to store things away, but then still be able to get to them whenever we need to. As we get ready to start getting our apartment uncluttered this is something we will have to look for when it comes to that.

  16. I appreciate that you mention how it’s important to consider why you need a storage unit so you can figure out the amount of space and time you need it for. This could also be useful to ensure you are able to pick one that is in a convenient location so you can have easy access to your things. Making a list of the requirements, such as the size, location, and other factors would probably help you search for a storage unit that will be able to protect your things so that you can have them later on.

  17. Thanks for the tip that you should watch fixed prices just in case a company changes their weekly price without informing you. My dad would like to get a storage unit, but is looking to find a place that keeps a fixed price for at least two years before he moves after he retires. I will be sure to let my dad know to watch for fixed prices when finding storage units for rent.

  18. I like that you mentioned to find a storage unit that has surveillance cameras and a lot of security. That way, you can have peace of mind knowing your stuff is safe and protected. I am trying to find a storage unit for my stuff while I move, and I want to choose the best. I will keep these things in mind as I search.

  19. Our family has recently moved across the country. We have found that researching the right storage company online is extremely beneficial and also being upfront about the different discounts that they could be willing to offer is also a great way to get additional discounts. We think that it is very helpful to just ask them directly rather than searching online for discounts. Researching the right storage company is worth the time.

  20. The storage unit we choose in the end had great service. They would even come to the unit to help with issues in the middle of the night. We also choose one on top of a hill, which made a big difference when our area experienced heavy flooding.

  21. I’ll keep your tips in mind so I can do them while acquiring a storage unit. Knowing the type of on-site security is probably the most important thing for me, and having an additional lock is nice too. Thanks for the great pieces of advice! I can rest easy once I get myself a secured storage unit.

  22. I’m grateful for your advice about finding the best storage unit. We’ve been thinking of decluttering but we still wanna keep most of the things, so my mom recommended about renting a storage unit. I agree that we should check if the prices for rentals will be fixed for the next number of years, we may not want to be surprised if we suddenly see the rental price become so big. Better talk with the manager and clarify everything before closing or signing the deal.

  23. I liked that you mentioned about how some companies may have a fixed price for around 5 years while others have laxer rules. I’ll be sure to look into these guidelines and find the best storage units that will cater our needs. I actually need the storage for my husband’s mementos and the likes he’s keeping. Our storage is already quite full of them. I’ll have a look around and see if we can find a secure storage unit near our place. Thanks!

  24. I hadn’t thought about considering how much you are going to store, so you get the right sized unit. I have been looking for a place to keep my old furniture. I can see how it would be nice to find a place with some extra space because I don’t know what else I might eventually store.

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